Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's on: Innovation Challenge 2007

click above to watch the video

Chic Thompson was in the studio to shoot this video invitation to the 2007 Innovation Challenge, final rounds to be held at Darden in November of 2007. I had covered this event doc-style last year and was looking forward to doing some fun (and useful) work with that footage in anticipation of the upcoming event. Some of that work appears here, but more of it (with context) will be coming out soon in a series of video podcasts we put together to help teams sharpen their skills in brainstorming and presentation.

What was fun about this piece was the idea I stole for the backdrop. Yep, I said it, and freely admit, that this was an instance of Picasso's axiom "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." I've been watching a lot of Sundance Channel's "The Green" and loved these talking head shots:

The wide, "behind the scenes" shot used in the same piece revealed that this wasn't a chroma setup, but simply a projector sitting on the floor hitting a white paper background. Since we had zero time for post on our Innovation Challenge piece, we had to pull off everything in-camera and this seemed a great way to do it.

This idea, thanks to the fact that we had a great PhotoShop artist on staff at the time, took just an hour or so to set up (with appropriate time given to tweak the lighting for the talent) and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. The funny thing is, if this had been suggested to me verbally, I would have dismissed the idea immediately - a way of thinking I try to avoid, but we all have our personal traps, especially when it comes to creative. Anyway, in the upcoming Video Podcasts you'll learn how to avoid that trap, and many others.

Victoria's background plate, for the record, was this:

And again, for comparison:

It's amazing how the background shifted blue in the shot - but it was another fortunate, "just go with it" thing - the kind of thing it helps to stay open to!