Friday, April 02, 2010

5x5, in under 5

Love this idea, which I found via LonelySandwich, who quotes:


Do you ever shoot video with your point and shoot or iPhone and never do anything with it? Of course. Who has time, or the know-how, to edit a crazy involved video? It’s tedious and hard.

Not true! At Vimeo, we have a super simple project call ‘5 Vignettes’. It’s easy and a great solution for your lack-of-editing prowess. Take five, five second clips and string them together to make a twenty five second little video. Upload it to Vimeo and add it to the 5 Vignettes Group, or just go there and check out some examples. It’s really the best way to use up footage you never do anything with.

I will give away a free Plus Account to whoever reblogs this with the best 5 Vignettes video they make today by 11:59 pm PST. Older 5x5’s don’t count. Go!

this shows up at a good time for me, as I'm really trying to keep things moving by doing shorter, more fun projects that keep the creative juices flowing. As Sandwich writes:

I love this idea. I LOVE IT, THIS IDEA.

I edit for a living, and I hate it. It’s hard, it requires skill and competence to not do badly, and in the end, no one really notices unless you’re terrible at it. But we (you and I) have mounds and mounds of video that really is in some serious need of editing.

So apply some constraints, is what Vimeo is saying. Don’t get all fancy about it, just slam five good bits together.

This, like flickr’s “long photo”, might just be the cathartic reset that web video needs right now.

I’ll make a 5 Vignettes and post it later today. You should, too.

So I did, and here it is!