Sunday, April 15, 2007

Recording Skype Calls for Podcasts

I'm going to take a moment to rave about a product some of our clients are using to record their Skype calls for podcasts. It's called Call Recorder ( and what's wonderful about this product is that it records each side of the call in a separate channel, which makes editing, sweetening and cleanup a breeze. The output of the recording sessions is a MOV file, and the good folks at Ecamm also make a few free utilities for extracting the audio so you can work with it in the app of your choice.

So yes, it's a great product - moderately priced, works as promised and is highly effective. What makes it an amazing product, though, is the support you get from folks like Glen (see above). I usually only have time to send my dumb questions to tech support on the weekends, so I was amazed to get such a quick response to my question on a Saturday afternoon (I had fallen into an old habit converting some files and forgot that, yes, one does need to use the Ecamm "Split Tracks" utility to get the call files split as needed).

So Glen, thanks for the great product and the wonderful support. I promised I'd rave about it, and here you go ;-)


Daniela said...

This is pretty awesome, thanks for posting.

Stan said...

I record Skype calls with Skype Call Recorder