Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Look3: Festival of the Photograph 2008 wrapup

I'm still a little fried from this year's activities (in a very good way) but I'm more inspired than I've been in years. Since our first year was so hectic, I made a point to step away from our productions this year (thanks to the wonderful volunteer video crew of Mike Hollander, Tiffany Horst, Peter Hedlund, Kevin Fagan, Sera Tabb, Seth Butler, Charlotte Hornsby) and see the Festival outside of the Paramount Theater.

Of course, it was a privilege to be present and capture presentations from Flip Nicklin, Mary Ellen Mark, Joel-Peter Witkin, David Alan Harvey, and James Nachtwey. Even better were the wonderful folks I meet and became friends with over three short days of Peace, Love and Photography. It's difficult to relay the experience in words, so I'll just include some links and give it a few weeks to simmer ;-) One thing worth noting now is that the multimedia exhibited at the "Works" finale in the Charlottesville Pavilion was, for a moving-picture person such as myself, really mind-blowing. I've decided that my next personal project (shouldn't they all be personal?) will be predicated on finding a great still photog and following a story with him or her.

Some really cool people I meet, whose work you'll be seeing more of and is worth checking out now:

Seth Butler
Liz Kreutz
Heather McClintock
Jamie Rose
Allison Shelley

...and PDN provided some great coverage:

as did John Harrington and the crew from Photo Business News:

(with more video here)

Perhaps I'll report more after I've really absorbed it all ;-)

and here's really nice coverage from NPR...

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